Hiiro no Fuusha

From Blank Chronicle
Hiiro no FuushaThe Crimson Windmill
Length 6:00
Type Vocal
Release Date 22 November 2006
Band Sound Horizon

The Crimson Windmill (in Japanese 緋色の風車, Hiiro no Fuusha) is the sixth track on Sound Horizon's fifth story CD Roman. The song first appeared on the maxi Shounen wa Tsurugi wo....


Romanized transcription pending
The spinning, turning 《Crimson Windmill》[Moulin rouge], blooming beautiful flowers

The dancing, dancing 《Blood-red Windmill》[Moulin rouge], scattering beautiful flowers

A glasswork sitting on a small hand...
If we call that jewel 『Happiness』...
What kinds of marks were left on this era by the atrocities of that night...
And what kinds of scars were left on them...

The boy who laments the position of the weak, tossed by destiny...
Will eventually yearn for 『Power』...
Is that...a 『Shield』to protect himself from mighty powers?
Or...a mightier『Sword』with which to suppress them?

I don’t really know what’s happening...
The mad[lune] harmony of screams and the savor[saveur] of burnt flesh...
I don’t really know who attacked us...
But...I’m sure...of just one thing...it’s dangerous for me to be here...

I’ll take my most important 《Treasure》[thing]
And make a run for it → I took your hand...

Ah...not even knowing why, the two ran breathlessly
The people who run amuck with overflowing greed will give chase...

Following stardust, hidden in the darkness leading to the forest...
Not even knowing why, the two held their breaths and shook
Fearing overflowing despair, they held each other in tight embraces-
Suddenly, your body was dragged aloft in the air →
Your eyes, filled with fear ← bore into my retreating back...

Experiencing a maddening 《Season》[time]...and the boy’s 《Time》was thrown into constant change...

The spinning, turning 《Crimson Windmill》[Moulin rouge], sending off burning《Time》
The dancing, dancing 《Blood-red Windmill》[Moulin rouge], welcoming a frozen《Moment》

Ah...if we were reborn...let’s make a small flower bloom...
I’m sorry...I won’t run away next time; I’ll wither by your side...
(Moulin Rouge)

“Can roman be found there...?”

Translated by Defade.







Computer Programming & Keyboard & Guitar: Revo
Guitars: Shingo Jake Saito
Keyboards: Kyoko Osako
Bass: Atsushi Hasegawa
Drums: Kenichi Fujimoto
Percussions: Naomi Ishikawa

Solo Violin: Kana

Sound Effect: Hirokazu Ebisu (Walla-Works, Inc.)


Sound Producer: Revo
Producer: Koji Takahashi (Rap Products)
Director: Mayumi Takagi (Rap Products)

Recording Engineers: Tomotaka Saka (Wonder Station Inc.), Hisae Yahagi (Studio Z'd), Toshiyuki Takahashi (Wonder Station Inc.) & Takahiro Suzuki (Sunrise Music Inc.)
Assistant Engineers: Akihiro Tabuchi (Wonder Station Inc.), Hisae Yahagi (Studio Z'd), Rie Mimoto (Sunrise Music Inc.), Hayato Iguchi (BEC) & Itsutaka Takusawa (Triumph)
Mixing Engineer: Tomotaka Saka (Wonder Station Inc.)
Mastering Engineer: Yukie Fuse (Bernie Grundman Mastering)

Recording Studio: Studio Z'd, Wonder Station, Malibu Studio, Sunrise Studio, Towerside Studio, Triumph
Mixing Studio: Studio Z'd, Wonder Station
Mastering Studio: Bernie Grundman Mastering

Booklet Illustration: Yokoyan

Desk: Takako Saito (Rap Products)

Design: Takafumi Kitsuda (KING RECORDS)
Art Work Coordination: Yoriko Kamano (KING RECORDS)

A&R: Shinya Yamada (KING RECORDS) & Mitsue Yokota (Bellwood Records)
Sales Promotion: Emiko Hosoda (KING RECORDS) & Hiroyuki Terui (Bellwood Records)

Executive Producer: Masato Asanuma (Bellwood Records)

Live Performances