Kamigami ga Aishita Rakuen ~Belle Isle~

From Blank Chronicle
Kamigami ga Aishita Rakuen ~Belle Isle~The Paradise Loved by Gods ~Belle Isle~
Length 6:16
Type Vocal
Release Date 4 October 2006
Band Sound Horizon

The Paradise Loved by Gods ~Belle Isle~ (in Japanese 神々が愛した楽園, Kamigami ga Aishita Rakuen) is the third track on Sound Horizon's first maxi Shounen wa Tsurugi wo….


Romanized transcription pending
Myths are born...legends are told...and history is simply recorded-

Belle Isle

Ah...stories are continuously woven through songs...

A wavering flame that crosses the water surface of darkness, slumbering whilst embracing death...
If we are to call that spark life → words may become power...
Before anyone realized, deprivers and the deprived were born there...
Placing just one thing on the balance → conflicts shall roam...

The children who have lost their homeland will not forget...
Their fathers’ regrets...their mothers’ sadness...ah...that distant land...

The boy shall eventually take up a sword...and even if that sword were to bend...
He shall once again entrust to his children…the prayers of a distant《Time》...

Belle Isle

The plains dry up and transform into deserts...the ocean rises up and swallows the land...
Roots of disasters overlap again and again...the《Gates》leading towards another world are opened...
The enemy’s hatred leaves no room for mercy...they seek not invasion, but complete destruction...
Just like how ice and fire are fated to be incompatible, so does the『Paradise Loved by Gods』turn into a battlefield...

Through piling up corpses ← a foundation is laid...
The fragile and fleeting reality is...a castle of debris
At the pinnacle of their remains ← peace blossoms proudly...
The sweet and clumsy fantasy is...the color of glass

If fear is offered...madness rains down...rejecting the path of coexistence...
Suspicion hones its claws...justice bears its fangs...all while distorting rules – someday...

The boy shall gain white wings...and even if those wings were to break...
He shall still sing to that sky...the foolish《People’s》wishes...
Ah...the boy shall take up a black sword...and even if that sword were to bend...
He shall once again entrust to his children...the prayers of a distant《Time》...

The boy has『Sword』in hand...『Wings』on his back...and the『Future』in his eyes-

Belle Isle

Ah...stories are continuously woven with the turning of pages→

Translated by Defade.






Computer Programming & Keyboards: Revo
Guitars: Shingo Jake Saito
Bass: Atsushi Hasegawa
Drums: Kenichi Fujimoto
Percussions: Naomi Ishikawa
Pan Flute: Takashi Asahi
Violin: Kana Ito
Strings: Kana Strings
Harp: Tomonori Asakawa
Acoustic Piano: Kenichiro Shinzawa

Sound Effect: Hirokazu Ebisu (Walla-Works,inc.)


Sound Producer: Revo
Producer: Koji Takahashi (Rap Products)
Director: Mayumi Takagi (Rap Products)

Recording Engineers: Tomotaka Saka (Wonder Station Inc.), Hisae Yahagi (Studio Z'd), Tsutomu Sukigara (BEC)
Assistant Engineers: Keisuke Anan (Sunrise Music Inc.), Kazuhiro Saito (Sunrise Music Inc.), Rie Mimoto (Sunrise Music Inc.)
Mixing Engineer: Tomotaka Saka (Wonder Station Inc.)
Mastering Engineer: Yukie Fuse (Bernie Grundman Mastering)

Recording Studio: Studio Z'd, Malibu Studio, Sunrise Studio, Towerside Studio
Mixing Studio: Studio Z'd, Wonder Station
Mastering Studio: Bernie Grundman Mastering

Booklet Illustration: Yokoyan

Graphic Design: Hideto Yasuda (Sony Music Communications)

Desk: Takako Saito (Rap Products)

Public Relations: Masaki Hasegawa (TEAM Entertainment)
Sales Promotion: Naoya Matsuzaki (TEAM Entertainment)

A&R: Mitsugu Nakamura (TEAM Entertainment)

Executive Producer: Taku Kitahara (TEAM Entertainment)

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