Pico Magic Reloaded

From Blank Chronicle
Pico Magic Reloaded
Length 27:19
Type Pleasure CD
Release Date 17 August 2003
Band Sound Horizon
Product Code SH-PMR04
Price ¥1,000

The second pleasure CD Pico Magic Reloaded was released on 17 August 2003.

Track List

# Title Length
1 ...Reloaded 3:53
2 Yaneura no ShoujoAttic Girl 2:29
3 Ori no Naka no YuugiThe Game within the Cage 4:29
4 Ori no Naka no HanaThe Flower within the Cage 4:53
5 Ark[Reloaded ver] 1:45
6 Rinne no SunadokeiThe Hourglass of the Cycle of Death and Rebirth 4:19
7 Rein no SekaiThe World of Rein 5:21
8 ... 0:06

Bonus Content

Bonus Tracks
# Title Length
1 PikomaRingo Ame☆PicomApple Candy☆ 2:55
〔P.M.R〕Kousokusaisei Shuu〔P.M.R〕High-speed Remake Collection

Sped-up versions of select songs from the album.

# Title Description Length
1 Kousoku...ReloadedHigh-speed...Reloaded ...Reloaded sped up. 3:05
2 Ori no Naka no KousokuThe Speed within the Cage Ori no Naka no YuugiThe Game within the Cage sped up. 3:10
3 Kousoku no OrihanaCage Flower of Speed Ori no Naka no HanaThe Flower within the Cage sped up. 3:51
4 Kousoku ReinHigh-Speed Rein Rein no SekaiThe World of Rein sped up. 4:15



  • "Komatte nakutemo tonaete kudasai" — Booklet Quotes"Please recite the incantation even if you're not in trouble" — Booklet Quotes
  • "Gensou ni tsubasa wo yakarenagara chiheisen no mukou ni kyouki wo miru sono koe ga...sono yami ga...saigo made..." — Obi Strip Quotes"As the illusions burn our wings, we see madness across the horizon. That voice is... That darkness is... Until the very end..." — Obi Strip Quotes


Produced by Sound Horizon
Lyrics & Image Story Written by Revo
Music Composed & Arranged by Revo
Vocal & Voice: Aramary
Voice: Jimang
Violin: Mutumi Suzuki
Cello: Shigeru Ohara
Clarinet: Kazuhisa Kojima
Oboe: Masayo Miyata
Electric Guitar & Bass & Nylon Strings Guitar: Revo
Accordion & Keyboards: Revo
Computer Programming: Revo
Designed by Yokoyan
Recorded & Mixed & Mastered by Revo
Recorded at Studio C5