Raijin no Keifu (Prelude to Elysion)

From Blank Chronicle
Raijin no KeifuGenealogy of the Thunder God
Length 8:09
Type Vocal
Release Date 27 October 2004
Band Sound Horizon

Genealogy of the Thunder God (in Japanese 雷神の系譜, Raijin no Keifu) is the sixth track on Sound Horizon's compilation album Prelude to Elysion. The song first appeared on the first pleasure CD Pico Magic, and then on the first story renewal CD Chronicle 2nd.


Romanized transcription pending
After the death of the one-armed hero who once saved the world

A village sprung up from the place where the evil god is sealed
Its existence acting as a barrier,
The foundation for a long-lasting peace was laid...

An Emblem[proof] imprinted on their proud right arms
They are called the Clan of the Thunder God
The mystery of the legend, the secret of the emblem
The trail painted by a young boy, the genealogy of the Thunder God

The weaker ones find company in a group
And search for a sacrificial lamb
The young days when love was not known
Were the pain of a burnt stone

Stiffening his lips
He hugged his legs and bore it alone
If you find shelter during rain, it'll pass eventually
The same can be said of storms

But what is the true strength
Behind this emblem that has no shine?
The girl's tiny outstretched hand
Seemed very big...

On the palms of the ever-silent history
Is the story of the boy and the girl who met each other
10 years of time pass away in an instant
Like the flash of lightning
Now...black history seemed to be moving again...

Gazing at the faraway sky, this chest is filled with anxiety
What appears is her lovely smile
Even though I knew...I am not befitting of those feelings...

Why are you, my beauty, the daughter of the clan's leader?
You are to be engaged to the strongest one in our village
According to the unchangeable clan law....

Ah....can I not protect you with my powerless arm?
I won't lose to anyone on account of my feelings
But even if I shout them out loud, my words merely disappear into the wind...

The time is near. The leader's daughter's engagement is to be decided on her 16th birthday.
As her birthday nears, the warriors of the clan competed against each other and introduced themselves.
The time is near. An aura of evil covers the entire village.
The dark clouds covering the entire sky tell of "The Third Coming of the Storm"...

"Oh....how could this be!”
“Granny…what’s wrong, granny?”
“I can see the shadows of those black robed people...
The apostles of the prophecy book. We cannot let them go to the depths of the seal,
they're trying to break the seal on the evil god.
Nowadays, the blood of the great Thunder God is diffused, and all we can control are but small lightning...
Ahh...how frightening! The great power that shakes the earth and the skies...it's coming, it's coming!"

A roar that tears through the earth. Claws that rip the sky. Six wings that burn like fire.
Enchanted by eyes filled with darkness, the brave warriors fell one by one....

Ah...how powerless humans are in front of God...
At the moment when everyone was about to be consumed by despair,
A beacon of light shot through the thunder[power]-less youth's body...

"Awaken...o, you in possession of my courageous arm
You who received thunder[power] of my direct lineage...
A long time ago, I released a spear of thunder to seal the evil god[him], and lost my right arm because of that...
If you release that thunder[power] now, your right arm, and maybe even your entire body will be blown apart...
Are you prepared for that?
...then awaken now, <Right Arm of the Thunder God>!"

"Even if you cannot bear this power alone,
I'm sure the two of us can do this together!"

A lightning shot through the dark clouds. The boy and girl who met that day,
With their two emblems overlapping, weave a shining future...

"....ma...hey, grandma...grandma!"
"What then? What happened after that?"
"Oh...right, sorry."
"Afterwards, the Great Thunder God beat the evil god, right? Right?"
"Hmm...I wonder. It's a story from a long time ago, so I can't quite recall..."
"Eh...that's not fair!"

...my Grandma said this while smiling. Her eyes were a gentle color.
...I still remember that time as clearly as yesterday.
...I believe...that the genealogy of the Thunder God did not reach an end...

Things passed on...things not passed on...
Taking in the light that broke through the dark clouds in its wings, the white crow flew on...

Translated by Defade.




Narration & Voices


Guitar, Keyboards, Computer Programming, etc...: Revo


Produced by Yoshio Usuda (CRASYS.co)
Sound Produced by Revo (Sound Horizon)

Lyrics, Compose, Arrangement: Revo

Sound Engineers
Recorded at Studio C5, WONDER BEAT STUDIO, studio-EAST
Recorded by Revo (Sound Horizon)
Mixed by Revo (Sound Horizon)
Assistant Engineer: Manabu Ito (WONDER BEAT STUDIO) & Naomi Irie (studio-EAST)

Cover Illustration: Yokoyan
Booklet & Label Design: Hazeri Kuri
Executive Producer: Tetsuhito Yoshizawa (Harvest Entertainment)

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