Shuutan no Ou to Isekai no Kishi ~The Endia & The Knights~

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Shuutan no Ou to Isekai no Kishi ~The Endia & The Knights~The King of End and the Knights from Other Worlds ~The Endia & The Knights~
Length 5:44
Type Vocal
Release Date 4 October 2006
Band Sound Horizon

The King of End and the Knights from Other Worlds ~The Endia & The Knights~ (in Japanese 終端の王と異世界の騎士, Shuutan no Ou to Isekai no Kishi) is the first track on Sound Horizon's first maxi Shounen wa Tsurugi wo….


Romanized transcription pending
→This is...

The prelude to the grand fight
Between the king of end and the knights from other worlds...

《The King of End》[Endia] that devours the world
《A great possibility》[Grandia] passed on
The 《Rhapsody》[Rhapsodia] of the sun calls the knight's name...

-An end that should be averted...the one to repel the king...
《The Knight》is a blade

《The King of End》[Endia] that conceives time
《A great possibility》[Grandia] fine-tuned
The《Ballad》[Balladia] of life calls the knight's name...

The《Canon》of remembrance that floated in the transient sky
Whose mouth is it that hums《The Melody that Crosses Horizons》[the story]?

-A key connecting other worlds...accepting the knights...
《The Gate》is a swift horse

《The King of End》that swallows history
《A great possibility》altered
The《Symphony》[Symphonia] of destiny calls out the knight's name...

The《Waltz》of the round table dancing to the melody of conflict
Whose justice is it that brandishes《The Right to Rule》[the story]?

A flame lightning up...a flame disappearing...

The pitch-black《Hair》[darkness]...the red《Eyes》[light]...merely watch over in silence... if tracing the pages....《The Actors》[Doll] dance according to the《Drama》
The beautiful thorns of a cruel illusion...charm with sweet 《Intoxication》[dreams]...
The glamorous poison of a cruel illusion...invite《The Audience》[you] to a gloomy hell...

This is not a world where all your wishes come true → That's why → The boy will spread his wings wide...
Ah...embracing both hope and despair in his two hands → That's how → The boy will spread his wings wide....

" matter how strong the upcoming wind may be, it cannot break the wings of determination!"
"No matter how strong the wind, it cannot break his wings!"

The ever-repeating pain is the《Rondo》of the cycle
Whose sword is it that regained《The Possibility that this World has Lost》[the story]?

Now....the《Canon》of mourning that floated in the sky of beginning
The 《Boy’s》mouth is the one humming《The Melody of the Fifth Horizon》[the story]...

Translated by Defade.

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Voices: Akio Otsuka


Computer Programming & Keyboards: Revo
Guitars: Shingo Jake Saito
Bass: Atsushi Hasegawa
Drums: Kenichi Fujimoto
Percussions: Naomi Ishikawa
Pan Flute: Takashi Asahi
Strings: Kana Strings
Harp: Tomonori Asakawa
Acoustic Piano: Kenichiro Shinzawa

Sound Effect: Hirokazu Ebisu (Walla-Works,inc.)


Sound Producer: Revo
Producer: Koji Takahashi (Rap Products)
Director: Mayumi Takagi (Rap Products)

Recording Engineers: Tomotaka Saka (Wonder Station Inc.), Hisae Yahagi (Studio Z'd), Tsutomu Sukigara (BEC)
Assistant Engineers: Keisuke Anan (Sunrise Music Inc.), Kazuhiro Saito (Sunrise Music Inc.), Rie Mimoto (Sunrise Music Inc.)
Mixing Engineer: Tomotaka Saka (Wonder Station Inc.)
Mastering Engineer: Yukie Fuse (Bernie Grundman Mastering)

Recording Studio: Studio Z'd, Malibu Studio, Sunrise Studio, Towerside Studio
Mixing Studio: Studio Z'd, Wonder Station
Mastering Studio: Bernie Grundman Mastering

Booklet Illustration: Yokoyan

Graphic Design: Hideto Yasuda (Sony Music Communications)

Desk: Takako Saito (Rap Products)

Public Relations: Masaki Hasegawa (TEAM Entertainment)
Sales Promotion: Naoya Matsuzaki (TEAM Entertainment)

A&R: Mitsugu Nakamura (TEAM Entertainment)

Executive Producer: Taku Kitahara (TEAM Entertainment)

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