Watashi no Mitsuketa Sekai (App Prologue Edition)

From Blank Chronicle
Watashi no Mitsuketa <Sekai>The <⛩️orizon> I Found
Length 2:44
Type Vocal
Release Date 17 October 2022
Band Sound Horizon
Label Pony Canyon

The <Horizon> that I've Found (in Japanese 私の見つけた《地平線》, Watashi no Mitsuketa <Sekai>) is an app-exclusive song of Ema ni Negai wo! (Prologue Edition). There is a 4% chance of encountering it when reaching the memory song.


Watashi wa haha wo shiranakatta

"Demo, sabishikunai" to
Sou ieta no wa
Kagami ni utsuru bukiryou na kage de sae
Aisareta omoide wo idaku kara

Iwarete mo heiki no kotoba
Fueru you ni techou ni nagutta
Iwa no you ni tozashita kokoro
Satorarenai you ni

Iwarenaki kaze ni fukare
Kirei na hana ga chiru no nara
Iwaba chirenai watashi wo
Waratte ikiyou

Okashi wo kawanai katabutsu na chichi ga
Nen ni ichido dake kimatta [KAFE] de
Kattekuru [KEEKI]
[SHUGAA to KURIIMU no HAAMONII] takoukan ni tsutsumareta mama
Fuwafuwa de nemuru no ga suki datta

Watashi to deatta mono wa
Taitei kao wo shikameta
Noroi wo seotta shoujo

Watashi wo kabatta joshi mo
Mukanshin tsuranuku kyoushi mo
Hisoka ni akogareteta danshi mo
Hitoshiku watashi ni ishi wo nageta

"Kono hitotachi wa nani wo motometeiru no darou......"

Watashi to narabeba dare mo [kawaiku]
Wake hedatenaku sessureba

Tataku mo kabau mo onaji
Menzaifu wo Usobuita ishi
Iwa ni ishi wo butsuketemo
Dare mo kokoro mo itamanai

Kono [honoo] ga watashi no mitsuketa [sekai]

It is the great beyond of interpretation.
The memories of a girl.
What kind of questions will this episode ask of life?

I’ve never known my mother
“But I’m not lonely at all”, I can say that because-

Even that ugly form reflected in the mirror
Harbor memories of being loved

I’ve written down all sorts of remarks in my notebook
To steel myself against a greater number of words
So they’ll be none the wiser
Of my heart hidden beneath hardened rocks

Beautiful flowers wither against senseless winds
But it’s not like there’s any withering left for me to do, so I’ll laugh at myself and embrace life

My strait-laced father doesn’t buy any sweets
But there would be one day per year when he’d buy a <special cake> from a specific <cafe>

I loved falling asleep in bliss
Enveloped by <sweet and soft magic>[the harmony of sugar and cream]...

Grimaces befell most of those who approached me
I was deemed a girl that bore curses
Called <ugly, a scathing insult most effective in its simplicity>

The girls that stood up for me
The teachers that pretended not to see
The boys that I secretly looked up to
All of them equally pelted me with stones

“What do these people want...?”

Next to me, anyone would look <as lovely as a flower>[cute], you see?
And if you treat me no differently, you’d look <overflowing with kindness born from superiority>[kind], you see?
<By creating bottom feeders in this tiny miniature garden, you trick yourselves into thinking that you’re the brilliant victor in this survival game, but all of you are ridiculous fools, you see?>[You’d look brilliant, you see?]

You can insult me or stand up for me, they’re all the same
Stones absolving themselves of crime
After all, nobody gets a guilty conscience
From forcing their will upon a rock

This light is the <⛩️orizon> that I found...





Opening narration.