Yield (Prelude to Elysion)

From Blank Chronicle
Length 4:09
Type Vocal
Release Date 27 October 2004
Band Sound Horizon

Yield is the eighth and final track on Sound Horizon's compilation album Prelude to Elysion. It is an early version of the song that would later be released on the fourth story CD Elysion.


Romanized transcription pending
One lone girl diligently seeding the fields

To a past never to change, to a future never to arrive

Would you laugh it off as fruitless behavior?
Then you must be happy...

Waiting for spring below the covers of snow, once summer passes, it'll be the autumn of harvest...

Fruition...harvest...Yielding fruits

The latest harvest...Yields the sweetest of them

She doesn't mind a love affair[dream] of one night
Because the woman could make it into eternity

Would you laugh it off as a fruitless love?
As expected, you're happy...

Dreaming in frozen nights; once summer passes, her feelings will come into fruition...

Result...harvest...Yielding fruits

The latest harvest...Yields the sweetest of them

『3』...an unstable number. 『3-1』...a model equation.
What is problematic isn't the nature of individuals, but simply...the amount specified by the symbol
As long as the world seeks stability, one must be subtracted...

Why can people never meet a season[time] fit for love?

“-still, I want to become happy....”

Love   Sweet Fruits   Scarlet Fruits
If she couldn't harvest them, she could simply chop them off...
Love   Sweet Fruits   Scarlet Fruits
Ah...but isn't that a head....

Two ♀. One ♂. Who is the most unfortunate of them all?
A falling fruit...the sound of it tumbling. The extraneous number...the sound of it being subtracted.


-the last to appear was the 『Masked Man』
Who is the one left alone on the fields after they disappear?

Translated by Defade.



Vocals & Voices


Guitar, Keyboards, Computer Programming, etc...: Revo

Oboe: Masayo Miyata
Clarinet: Kazuhisa Kojima
Flute: Ryo Sakagami
Uilleann Pipe: Toyoaki Haraguchi
Irish Harp: Michiyo Umezu

『Elysion』Special Strings Section
1st Violin: Mutsumi Suzuki, Ayako Kayukawa, Ayako Himata, Nobuko Sakota
2nd Violin: Izumi Murayama, Yumiko Shimamura, Kanako Noto, Ayumu Koshikawa
Viola: Shiori Tanaka, Keita Ishii
Cello: Shigeru Ohara, Mao Tomonoh


Produced by Yoshio Usuda (CRASYS.co)
Sound Produced by Revo (Sound Horizon)

Lyrics, Compose, Arrangement: Revo

Sound Engineers
Recorded at Studio C5, WONDER BEAT STUDIO, studio-EAST
Recorded by Kazuto Sato (WONDER BEAT STUDIO)
Mixed by Shyoichi Shimura (studio-EAST)
Assistant Engineer: Manabu Ito (WONDER BEAT STUDIO) & Naomi Irie (studio-EAST)

Cover Illustration: Yokoyan
Booklet & Label Design: Hazeri Kuri
Executive Producer: Tetsuhito Yoshizawa (Harvest Entertainment)

Live Performances