602p Ao to Shiro no Kyoukaisen

From Blank Chronicle
602p Ao to Shiro no Kyoukaisen602p Boundary of Azure and White
Length 2:19
Type Instrumental
Release Date 30 December 2001
Band Sound Horizon
Label Doujin

602p Boundary of Azure and White (in Japanese 602p 蒼と白の境界線, 602p Ao to Shiro no Kyoukaisen) is the sixth track on Sound Horizon's first story CD Chronicle.


No romaji available.
I like the smell of the ocean.

The wind softly brushed my cheek.
I like the scenery I can see from here.
Because both the ocean and the sky are made from the same blue...

Those were lovely days. I remember them even now.
My Father always piggy-backed me.
How big his back seemed to me back then...

The young girl loved her father.
Her father was a brave sailor.
He was always gentle; always full of smiles.
He always told her about stories from across the ocean.
The young girl's tiny map
Was full of those stories...

I still remember my papa’s tales.
I want to see the white whale,
I want to go to the twin islands,
Swept away by the ocean breeze, to anywhere...

All of the adults don't understand
That I have a grand dream
Uncontainable in my small body.
I will definitely become a sailor...

I still remember my daddy’s tales.
I want to see the singing mermaid,
I want to go to the coral reefs,
Swept away by the ocean breeze, to anywhere...

Let’s throw paper airplanes
On a sunny day like this
Across that blue water horizon...

A white that can be tainted by anything - that is me tomorrow.
Boundaries don't exist anywhere.
Melting straight into blue
To anywhere...to anywhere...

That paper plane
Rode on the ocean breeze and took flight
To anywhere, anywhere...

~ Page 602 『 Boundary of Blue and White 』

Translated by Defade.



The lyrics are from the poem included with the song, accessed from the CD with a computer.