816p Raijin no Hidari Ude

From Blank Chronicle
816p Raijin no Hidari Ude816p The Thunder God’s Left Arm
Length 2:15
Type Instrumental
Release Date 30 December 2001
Band Sound Horizon
Label Doujin

816p The Thunder God’s Left Arm (in Japanese 816p 雷神の左腕, 816p Raijin no Hidari Ude) is the seventh track on Sound Horizon's first story CD Chronicle.


No romaji available.
In stormy nights like this, his scars hurt.

The pain threatened to tear apart his right arm, even though it shouldn't even exist.
The man didn't confide in anyone, and suffered alone...
What should his left arm be used for...

The ominous signs cast deeper shadows day by day.
The time is surely coming.
In a stormy night very much like that time, the man set out for a journey with none being the wiser
His resolve is set, he still has his left arm...

The man gave his all in trying to seal the door.
The darkness beyond the door; a surge of evil threatens to break loose.
He tried to push them back with his left arm.
I can't keep this up anymore...if only I had my right arm...if only...

When the man was just about to give up,
He felt, through his thinning consciousness, a light radiating with warmth.
Taking up spears in their right hands, thousands of people prayed in the storm...

The children from back then have all grown up.
The Thunder God lost his right arm, and the world was reborn.
His left arm nurtured the seed planted by his right,
And beautiful flowers bloomed; thousands of them...

He had a courageous left arm, and thousands of right arms.
He won't lose. Those feelings will weave history...

...and time passes...

"Hey grandpa. Why doesn't the Thunder God have a right arm? Poor him."

A child around the street corner asks...

Taking the child's small hand into his own, the old man smiled.

"The Thunder God's right arm is right here. See, it's even there in your right pocket..."

~Page 816 『 The Thunder God’s Right Arm 』

Translated by Defade.



The lyrics are from the poem included with the song, accessed from the CD with a computer.