Koibito wo Uchiotoshita Hi (Prelude to Elysion)

From Blank Chronicle
Koibito wo Uchiotoshita HiThe Day I Shot Down My Lover
Length 4:00
Type Vocal
Release Date 27 October 2004
Band Sound Horizon

The Day I Shot Down My Lover (in Japanese 恋人を射ち堕とした日, Koibito wo Uchiotoshita Hi) is the third track on Sound Horizon's compilation album Prelude to Elysion. The song first appeared on the third story CD Lost, and later appeared on the first pleasure CD Pico Magic.


Romanized transcription pending
The bow bends and out sprung a flame, freezing the night sky

Bravely, with an azure song of parting, I shoot my lover[you] down...

Things forgotten from days long past, a scar torn apart
A cursed promise dwells in your heart

“If my end is inevitable, then I’d rather it be by your lovely hands...”
The irresistible darkness of impulse surrounded him...

The spiraling flames of a twisted world pierce the cycle of life and death
Bravely, with a crimson blood-stained kiss, I shoot my lover[you] down...

Have you forgotten anything?

An ancient legend – those who are wounded by the beast
Their bodies will be overtaken by its curse
Eventually, they shall transform into beasts themselves...

When was he hurt?

That incident goes back to the day the two of them met
He was wounded when he saved her
Everything began when they met...

Their meeting was a promise to loss

Azure flames of sadness dwell in her dried tears
And she released arrows glittering with silver
Again and again, until...he took his last breath...

In a world where I have lost my beloved
What colors do the flowers bloom in?

A cross-shaped flame that embraced the moon, intertwining thorns
Bravely, with a final arrow of white, I shoot myself down...

In a world where I have lost my beloved
What colors do the flowers bloom in?

Translated by Defade.



Vocals & Voices


Guitar, Keyboards, Computer Programming, etc...: Revo


Produced by Yoshio Usuda (CRASYS.co)
Sound Produced by Revo (Sound Horizon)

Lyrics, Compose, Arrangement: Revo

Sound Engineers
Recorded at Studio C5, WONDER BEAT STUDIO, studio-EAST
Recorded by Revo (Sound Horizon)
Mixed by Revo (Sound Horizon)
Assistant Engineer: Manabu Ito (WONDER BEAT STUDIO) & Naomi Irie (studio-EAST)

Cover Illustration: Yokoyan
Booklet & Label Design: Hazeri Kuri
Executive Producer: Tetsuhito Yoshizawa (Harvest Entertainment)

Live Performances