Tadoritsuku Uta (Prelude to Elysion)

From Blank Chronicle
Tadoritsuku UtaThe Song of Arrival
Length 6:11
Type Vocal
Release Date 27 October 2004
Band Sound Horizon

The Song of Arrival (in Japanese 辿りつく詩, Tadoritsuku Uta) is the second track on Sound Horizon's compilation album Prelude to Elysion. An early version of the song appeared on the first pleasure CD Pico Magic, and the full version on the first story renewal CD Chronicle 2nd.


Romanized transcription pending
The blind poet Luna opened her lips silently...

“What I am going to sing now...is a poem telling of a certain girl's experiences until she found what she held dear...
The journey is harsh, the paths difficult, yet the girl never gave up.
In the story, she chooses to continue to sing instead of cursing fate, though a difficult path
Even if history were to bury everything someday, close your eyes...and simply listen for now...”

O, my beloved, where are you?
I have no clue to go by
The song I brought along my solitary journey
Fades away to the distant sky

Raindrops fallen from the sky; drops[tears] that have overflown
Into my hand...

Emerging from several deep forests, crossing steep mountains
From village to city, from familiar faces to strangers
I walked in search of my beloved

Fantasies roaming the sky, the promise[kiss]
Made under the stars...


Dusk surrounds the empty world
Where do I head alone, never to return?

Historical facts that the chronicles affirm. The history of conflicts.
Scars left by the claws of war. Flames that scorch the earth.
With no news from their families...lovers...beloved
Many people were torn apart without choice in this era

The girl's journey, as if tracing the source of the song she brought along
Led her to a man who was said to be imprisoned in a certain castle

And...she ended up arriving from deduction to conclusion
That melancholic yet nostalgic tune, the one who wrote that poem is...

What supported me on the brink of collapse
Is this last nameless poem my lover[you] has left me

"O destiny...even if you were to steal light from these eyes...
You cannot take song from these lips..."

The song of arrival illuminates dusk
Even when withered, the flower blossoms bravely right there

Ah...the raging and saddening...

Storm arrives, but even if it were to mow down everything
Precious things will always be right there

(-the song leading to a precious person)
You...if you've found a way to your precious things, then there's no need to waver anymore

(-the song leading to a precious person)
Even if it were a road of thorns, that itself can be an enjoyment if you hum along

(-the song leading to a precious person)
Because there is no meaning to a life without song

(-the song leading a precious person)
Towards precious things...towards places of arrival...
The horizon that the white crow aims for...beyond that sky...

Translated by Defade.




Narration & Voices


Guitar, Keyboards, Computer Programming, etc...: Revo

Violin: Yukari Shinozaki
Cello: Shigeru Ohara
Oboe: Masayo Miyata
Clarinet: Kazuhisa Kojima
Flute: Ryo Sakagami

『Elysion』Special Strings Section
1st Violin: Mutsumi Suzuki, Ayako Kayukawa, Ayako Himata, Nobuko Sakota
2nd Violin: Izumi Murayama, Yumiko Shimamura, Kanako Noto, Ayumu Koshikawa
Viola: Shiori Tanaka, Keita Ishii
Cello: Shigeru Ohara, Mao Tomonoh


Produced by Yoshio Usuda (CRASYS.co)
Sound Produced by Revo (Sound Horizon)

Lyrics, Compose, Arrangement: Revo

Sound Engineers
Recorded at Studio C5, WONDER BEAT STUDIO, studio-EAST
Recorded by Revo (Sound Horizon)
Mixed by Revo (Sound Horizon)
Assistant Engineer: Manabu Ito (WONDER BEAT STUDIO) & Naomi Irie (studio-EAST)

Cover Illustration: Yokoyan
Booklet & Label Design: Hazeri Kuri
Executive Producer: Tetsuhito Yoshizawa (Harvest Entertainment)

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